About Us We are just not settled for past achievements. It is in our gene. We are just not settled for
past achievements. It is in our gene.

Who We Are

Cored with the above elements, Rubic Creative Media is a blend of young professionals devoted to different expertises of digital marketing, providing clients with a full range of comprehensive marketing solutions, which include Website Design, Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEM, iOS / Android App Design, etc.

Filled with blast of ideas, experiences, and the simple heart of striving for better, we are never settled for our previous achievements. Only when we break the old, we will discover the new. There is no one single formula that fits all. Because of this belief, we are only here to create a whole new tailored total digital solutions that is unique to you and your brand.

We Twist for Better Solutions.

Just like a Rubik’s Cube.

There are ALWAYS more than 1 Dimension for Everything. We believe so.

A cube has more than 1 dimension. So as everything. It is deep-rooted in our mind that everything will have more one way to be presented. In the process of dig and find, we will always discover something new for your brand. With this concept we will bring your brand to a whole new level of perspective.

We Twist our Mind just to create a Better Solution for You.

Settling is easy. But we know finding a new way out is the Key. Like twisting the Rubik, we twist our mind to create better solutions for you. Assisted with the help of programming technology, we utilize different digital media platforms’ features and advantages to actualize our unique innovative marketing plans, bringing you to your audience like an open door.

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