One of the most-occurring headaches for most drivers is the ever-changing gasoline price. Different gas stations offer different price level of gasoline. It is very time-consuming for drivers to search on different gasoline providers’ websites and compare them individually. Besides, sometimes when motorists are travelling in an unfamilar place, they might not know where the gasoline station is and how to get there. Gasoline-Guide is an App designed to help motorists solve the above problems.

“Most drivers strive for speed. So we help you to save time.”

Our Solutions

Everyone nowadays carries a mobile device, smartphone, to obtain up-to-date information. We design the App (Gasoline-Guide) specific for the motorists with fast and convenient experiences.

Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

Apps Design & Development

Apps Design & Development

App Design & Development

The root of the Gasoline-Guide App is to provide a clear, accurate information on price and location of gasoline stations all over Hong Kong in a fast and convenient way. Drivers are able to get access to different gasoline suppliers’ immediate price and promotion information. GPS system is also utilised to navigate the drivers to the gasoline station they would like to go. Besides, pop-up notification of latest promotion is also available. The App is currently compatible with iOS.

Web Design

We designed a website which is to introduce the Gasoline-Guide app including the brief functions and provide the link for iOS devices user to download.

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